The Waterfront Beach Bataan

The Waterfront Beach Resort in Bataan is such an ideal location if you considers a place where the whole family could have a wonderful retreat.

The Waterfront Beach Resort in Bataan

The Waterfront Beach Resort in Bataan

With its complete facilities for leisure and other physical events you’ll never have a dull moment, and we’re talking about a frivolous location along the beautiful beach so how can you top that?



Recreations from Billiard, Table Tennis, Volleyball and other pastime activities plus bonfire, grill, bar and videoke a decent buffet and sea breeze on fine white sand… feel free to spoil yourself.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Then again if you don’t feel like diving along the beach they have this beautiful swimming pool just a walk away from the cabin. Feel free to take a peak on some of the shots we shared on our PeekTravel Facebook Page.

This is a vacation place the entire member of the family would love and it will only take about 45 minutes trip from Subic Olongapo area and just one tricycle away from the local market (Pamilihang Bayan ng Morong) where you can buy seafood, vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices, it’s an accessible haven to spend your holiday.

And before we even forget, this is a Beach Resort so after all the pampering and being indulged on all the amenities plunge in to its beautiful shoreline and clear water along the white fine beach as you enjoy the view from dawn to dusk where the sun is lovelier as it sets along the horizon on this remarkable resort in Morong Bataan.

The Waterfront Beach Resort is an ideal retreat on where you could spend time with the whole family and ultimately enjoy the vacation.

Bataan Beach Resort

Bataan Beach Resort

And one last note: At night, when they turn all the lights off, it makes a perfect opportunity for stargazing if the sky is clear it would be very very awesome once in a lifetime experience! Believe me I’ve seen satellites and meteors that night. For more information about The Waterfront Beach Resort at Morong Bataan visit their website at

Feel free to comment or share your own experience . We would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “The Waterfront Beach Bataan

  1. Michelle Sanchez

    Thank you very much Sir Romi for that wonderful write up of The Waterfront Beach Resort! Hope you can visit us again.. We have added additional amenities in the resort.

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