Flooding in the Philippines

It is common for us in the PHILIPPINES to experience flood and be visited regularly by typhoons or monsoons. When Philippines was visited by Ondoy most of us thought that’s the worst we can get. And you think we’ve learned from it?… The drainage system is still not good, and I doubt if we really does have a system. I am able to say this based on the way I see and experience things here especially during the rainy season.

August 2012 we’ve been visited by Torrential rains. Some of the areas are flooded as usual. And what do you expect when you talk about the situation in Malabon?

Malabon has a total land area of 19.714 square kilometers and is being surrounded by Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay. That obviously puts Malabon in a flooded situation whatever the season is.

During the said Monzoon or is commonly known in Filipino as Habagat we’ve lost communications with our brother who lived there with his family. Of course we’ve all got worried so without hesitation, we went off to check their situation and also deliver some assistance from our beloved sisters abroad.

You can watch our full experience of Flooding in the Philippines as we visited Malabon during The Wrath of the Monsoon or Ang Hagupit ng Habagat. It was not even a storm! But check and see the devastation created by the flood.

Today, November 2013, We’ve experienced something different, something new. In fact only the experts knew the real meaning of it. Not even the media are aware of what it really does. We’ve learned the term the hard way. It’s the Storm Surge.

According to Wikipedia:
“A storm surge is an offshore rise of water associated with a low pressure weather system, typically tropical cyclones and strong extratropical cyclones.”

The whole part of Samar and other part of Visayas was totally devastated by the largest and the strongest typhoon ever recorded in the world, Super Typhoon Yolanda with International name Haiyan.

Super Typhoon Haiyan

Super Typhoon Haiyan with a local name Yolanda. Picture courtesy of The National Geographic

People are still in great need of help. As of this moment, I was trying to do my best to get there and check the conditions of my cousins in Catbalogan Samar. Although they have managed to make it to a safe area, the starvation and illness are their current enemy. They need our help to fight back. So if you happen to have a heart to help the people in Visayas please do so by sending your donations on the links below.

1. http://www.gmanetwork.com/kapusofoundation/donation
2. http://www.abs-cbnfoundation.com/
3. http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate
4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/09/philippines-haiyan-how-to-help-_n_4247106.html

Bangon Pilipinas, composed by Ed Barcena
Performed by our kababayan Pinoy Talents in Rome.

Sa pagsikat ng araw may dalang liwanag
Pag-asang inaasam tiyak makakamtan
Ulap ay hinawi ng Diyos sa langit
Biyayang natatanaw ay atin nang abutin

Bangon Pilipinas tayo’y magkaisa
Bandila‘y itaas atin nang iwagayway
Pagtulong sa kababayan ay atin nang simulan
Tayo ay pinagpalang magbigay sa ating kapwa

Bayan ay uunlad sa pagmamahalan
Maghari ang katapatan ‘wag ang kasakiman
Ahon na sa putikan ituwid na ang daanan
Tinig ng mamamayan ay atin nang pakinggan

Ngayon ang tamang panahon mag kapit bisig na ngayon
Bumagsak man at lumuha ngayon ay may pag-asa

Tayo ay pinagpalang magbigay sa ating kapwa


Five Months have gone by after Super Typhoon Yolanda we managed to visit Tacloban check out the pictures on this page:

Tacloban 5 Months After Yolanda

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