Boracay few years ago wasn’t so developed and looks closer to what suitably called a virgin island. The place is like a haven for vacacionistas because here you’ve got a beautiful white sand beach and just a few walks away there’s City like night-life, bars that offers party all night long, wine, cocktails that flows everywhere, and some locals offering rub down massage by the beach.

Boracay 2005

Boracay 2005

Not to mention gorgeous bodies that wander around the place which will either motivates you to go on a serious diet or dampens your spirit to wear your swimsuit or might as well buy a Malong to cover up some those baby fats.

And then of course there are tiangge and souvenir shops that comes in handy, some local delicacies such as “hilaw na mangga and bagoong”, “ensaladang talong” with “itlog maalat”, fresh buko juice and smokes of “ihaw-ihaw” all around. Beautiful sunset, clean environment, fresh sea breeze, sea shells, starfish, corals all over the place, fantastic sea creatures… actually way too much pampering a traveller can get in one place. No wonder many tourists concider this place their humble abode. In fact, getting to Boracay or Bora as it is most commonly known today is actually a dream come true to the whole family, I may consider this trip as one of our grand retreat so far. But the sad truth is that I was talking about Bora few years ago. Don’t get me wrong, We went back to Bora a year after and the place was not so spoiled. The only negative observation we noticed is its current state. Bora had been so commercialized and we kind of lost the feeling of sanctity on the place, but on the positive side there are more bars, more tiangge and souvenir shops, and lots of people too specially during summer of-course. So if you love the crowd, you’ll enjoy the party along the shore you will enjoy Bora.

Colors of Boracay

Colors of Boracay

Thank goodness the water is still unsoiled and the beach is still white. It’s still a fun place to stay if you love beach and city night life together in one place. Bora is a place where I personally would almost want to stay forever; I even envy the service crew and workers at the bar for they have a cool job in an awesome place.  Bora I may say is a delusional haven, a place where you can actually escape from the reality of life specially if you are living everyday in the hustle and bussle way of urban atmosphere.


Boarding SEAIR

Now let’s talk about getting there. From Manila, it’s best to travel by air but don’t forget to plug your ears as you traverse over this small SEAIR Plane. Not only because the engine was incredibly noisy, but you’ll also experience ear pressure sickness if you are not used to it, the experience would be very very painful, not to mention the thrilling turbulence as you passes by the clouds. But that’s part of the adventure in travelling, every experience counts. Seriously speaking I suggest you put ear plugs throughout the flight or as the myth says, eat chewing gum before take-off and as it lands or might as well ride a bigger plane.

Crystal  Cove Cave B oracay

Crystal Cove Cave

One of the best things to do as you visit Bora is to go on Island hopping for you to enjoy magnificent sceneries, sea snorkeling and play among interesting marine life and other sea creatures. And by doing so you may want to experience swimming under the Crystal  Cove Cave. To tell you the truth, the place is so magical, I guess the reason they call it Crystal Cove Cave, it’s because the water is so crystal clear. But watch out for your head, the path on the way down this cave is so narrow and the ceilings… they’re painfully sharp. But then again that’s part of the excitement in traveling. I supposed this cave is a must place to visit when you’ve got a spare time to spend in Bora.

Sea Snorkeling Boracay

Sea Snorkeling

And just as I mentioned earlier Sea Snorkeling is one of the fun part of Bora experience. Take advantage of the ultra clear sea water which displays aquatic creatures that is so famous among kids such as Blue Tang and Clown Fish, thanks to the movie “Finding Nemo”. Sea Snorkeling while you’re clinging safe on the side of the boat is a fun and thrilling experience, don’t forget to bring your under water camera, you’re gonna need it.

Boracay Getaway

Boracay Getaway

Next time you’re looking for an awesome getaway and want to party by the beach, don’t forget to add Bora on your itinerary.

Feel free to comment or share your own experience . We would love to hear from you.

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