Barbara’s, at Intramuros Manila

Barbara's Intramuros

Barbara’s Intramuros

There is this place called Barbara’s, along the beautiful streets of Intramuros in Manila.
At first we have this hesitation of going into the place because of the bad reviews over the internet. But then again, we’ve decided that we have to see it from ourselves. We need to experience firsthand if those bad remarks are real or just made up.



Traveling about an hour and a half from Quezon City, we went down in front of Manila City Hall and walk along the streets of Intramuros which is already a treat. It feels like you’re in Vigan, most of the Old Spanish Structures are preserved.

Barbara's Buffet Menu

Barbara’s Buffet Menu

Getting along Barbara’s, first of course I want to observe is the food, since Barbara’s is mainly a restaurant which happens to have a traditional entertainment. I need to give my honest opinion about the food. The feedback says that the food is bad or terrible but I tried almost every meal available on the Buffet. The Beef taste awesome, the Paella Rice is good with some touch of clam shells around, we fell in love on the desserts and we liked the Molo Soup. I haven’t got any meal that I can say adverse about. We honesty love all of them.

The Kultura Filipina Performers

The Kultura Filipina Performers

Some reviews also said that there we’re discrimination between foreigners and Filipinos which I happen to be interested about to investigate, but I found it all so wrong. All the crews are friendly, accommodating and hospitable. I am a Filipino and we ate with foreigners during that night yet there were no racial issues or any negative acts that I witnessed and experience. I’m not usually generous in giving tips (money) but not that night. It was worth it.
The entertainment performance which some people on the internet says that it’s just okay, but I was actually amazed. The Kultura Filipina Performers are remarkably talented. I took several videos on some of their awesome performances and you be the Judge.

Barbara's Restaurant in Intramuros

Barbara’s Restaurant in Intramuros

Barbara’s Restaurant is resided at the heart of Intramuros so the ambiance itself is captivating. Enjoy the Spanish era experience and visit the place with your family and friends.

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