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Malaysia Truly Asia!… Just what their tourism advertising say, it is a place where you can watch sunrise, and be near enough to touch it. My biggest regret when I went to this place is skipping Genting Highlands on my itinerary. But the experience in Petronas Tower is Priceless. You can feel the Royalty of the place especially at noon time where the sun is starting to set. Believe it or not, there was a point in time during my stay in there where the sun is still up though it’s already 7PM. It was as if the sun itself doesn’t want to leave such beautiful place.
As a Filipino, Malaysia is close to my heart. We have our differences but you can still feel the same ancestral blood flowing from each of us.

romi malaysia


Let me share with you some the greatest place I’ve been through here in Malaysia.

Lightning Protection Demo inside Petronas Tower mini museum at Malaysia.


Experience an afternoon taxi (TEXI CAB) ride to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On HD and Dolby Stereo.


Spending night time here in Petronas is such a relaxing and peaceful way to relieve stress. Hearing the soothing sound of the crickets in the garden while talking to a love one far away will make you missed home yet relish the remaining moment you’re spending there. Night Time at Petronas Tower, Malaysia…such a religious experience. I never experienced a night on any place this bright. Makes you feel like there’s two angels watching over you.


Performing beautiful traditional Chinese music at Jaya One, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

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