HK Disneyland

Hong Kong Disney Land is a magical world that comes to life. It really feels like magic on any aspect and every attraction, it’s an enchanting place made to perfection. Disney being known to be so particular in details has done an excessive job on its amusement island. The experience feels like as if you’re living in a kids’ fantasy world as you enter the very gate and get that Disney atmosphere on every corner you look, while the mystical Disney Music plays along.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

It’s a must place to visit while you are in Hong Kong. However the entrance fee is quite costly, yet there’s an occasional promo in Cebu Pacific Airlines from time to time, you just have to follow them on twitter so you can be updated and get a huge discount tickets to Hong Kong and HK Disneyland.

Disney Jungle Cruise

Disney Jungle Cruise

Hong Kong Disneyland had a range of amusement that you would really need to spend the whole day to enjoy all of them. The best part on our Journey here is the Jungle Cruise; we actually missed the Parade just to ride on this boat and explore the River Jungle. My first thought on this cruise is that. it’s just a simple and relaxing boat ride but to my surprise, it is a thrilling adventure the whole family loved and enjoyed. I have shared some of the video shots on YouTube, feel free to take a peek (Spoiler Alert).

Space Mountain

Space Mountain

Moving along, I think I must notify you about this ride called Space Mountain. Yes it lives up to its name and when they say space, they mean astronomical, and when they say mountain of- course it’s a mountainous peak. The ride is a blast in terms of heights, speed, sights and every turn on every corner. I don’t know maybe it’s just me; maybe the ride is just too terrifying for an old traveller like me. But of course if you’re curious enough feel free to experience it yourself but don’t forget that I warned you. The ride was fun but then again, it’s too extreme for my kind.

Golden Mickey

Golden Mickey

There are loads of activities here in Hong Kong Disneyland, it’s either you spend your day taking the rides or occupy most of your time seeing several attractions such as The Golden Mickey or interact with Stitch. Not to mention the Parade on where you could meet bunch of Disney characters for the day. Disneyland is indeed a place made for the whole family to enjoy, it will surely bring out the child in you.

And last but not the least, don’t you dare missed out the Fireworks Display on Disney in the Stars. It’s not just the typical fireworks you would expect to see. It is the amusement’s climax on where there’s a bit of storytelling matched with awesome light shows, music, flames and sparkles. Feel free to take a sneak peek on Hong Kong Disneyland’s awesome Fireworks Display. It is the climax of the whole Disneyland experience so again I’m pleading you not to miss this one as you visit Hong Kong Disneyland!

Feel free to comment or share your own experience . We would love to hear from you.

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