100th Video on YouTube

It’s our 100th video on PeekTravel YouTube and we’re about to give insights on some of the clips we’ve uploaded. The 1st video that has been popular for years is the Promo girls from Puerto Galera of course for an obvious reason and we thank you for watching this and the other videos we’ve shared.

We’ve explored some magnificent places in Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and more amazing places. But most of the videos are from around our humble abode, Philippines, and we love sharing our pride to you. The videos we’ve uploaded had been intentionally short to give you just a sneak peek of the destinations you’re planning to head on to and hopefully we won’t spoil the fun of your upcoming trip, because it’s not enough that you just watch the videos. You have to get there to really enjoy it. We also made all the videos geographically correct so if you’re browsing on Google Earth you’ll see the particular location on where the video had been taken.

Some of the videos are not in HD quality to demonstrate different types of media and brands that we use on every location. Some we’re taken using smart phones, some are underwater cams, some are home made under water system and there’ s actually one video that we use an ultra-cheap camera, one cheap camera that doesn’t even have a brand, thus will also help you made a selection on what gadget to bring.

We’re also doing a more detailed blog on the places we’ve visited, feel free to interact with us here in WordPress, or place your comments on YouTube. You can also browse our full quality still shots on Panoramio which is also visible on Google Earth. Some of the magnificent pics are available in Shadowness. Feel free to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

On the next set of YouTube Videos we’ll do our best to provide a higher quality and longer video shots so please keep watching the videos and enjoy the place before you even get there. Don’t forget to subscribe to  PeekTravel YouTube for more update.

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PeekTravel is dedicated for Tourists and Travellers alike who would like to design an itinerary and a place best to spend their escape and hope that this site will make it possible for all of you to take a peek on certain tourist spots before you take your course, thus saving your cash and more than ever, your time.
Enjoy your Travel as we take a Sneak Peek on PeekTravel. Feel free to post any comments, share your own experience or inquiries.

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Romi Barcena

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